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Ariannol (Trust Company) Limited was incorporated in Cyprus to deal with the growing demand from associates seeking to structure  efficient special purpose vehicles through the use of Cypriot Holding Companies and International Trusts.

Cyprus continues to build its Trust business, which stems from the Trustees Law Cap. 193, itself based on the English Trustee Act 1925, however, more recently the International Trusts Law No. 69 (1) of 1992 has led to the creation of International Trusts in Cyprus. Changes to the Trust Law implemented in 2012 have brought the Cyprus International Trust up to date and very much in line with trust structures from other traditional trust jurisdictions, such as Jersey and Guernsey.  Given other tax and company law, in particular the numerous tax treaties in place and the many benefits of a Cyprus Holding Company, the Republic of Cyprus is becoming a prime location for trust and company administration business.  

Ariannol Group is blessed with an excellent client base, and so we remain focused on good quality higher end business, the majority of which comes to us through recommendations and by virtue of our reputation.

We have a very strong private client team in place, with the Board having over 100 years’ combined experience in the industry.  Our work involves discretionary and interest in possession trusts and company administration for Cyprus as well as other onshore and offshore jurisdictions.  Our trust assets include traditional investment portfolios, commercial and residential properties, interests in businesses, aircraft, shipping fleets, antiques, fine art, media rights and intellectual property.

Whether your structure includes a Cyprus or Guernsey Trust, a BVI Company or a Jersey Foundation, our focus is on providing a traditional trustee service with continuity as a key component, which is why we involve at least two Ariannol directors on all relationships, and charge fixed fees that are fair for all parties.  

We are committed to safeguarding client assets from external factors with the primary objectives of capital protection and wealth enhancement.  This is accomplished by building long-term and personalized relationships with our clients whereby their individual needs and requirements are achieved wherever possible.

Long term this will enable assets to be enjoyed by named beneficiaries or passed on intact to chosen heirs.  

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